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are still cleaning up after a water main break causeded that massive mud slide earlier this week. marianne favro joins us from daly city. crossing their fingers, right? >> reporter: all eyes are on the hillside behind me. i want to show you something. over here we have four to five feet of mud that is sitting on top of the park, which is why city crews put up this hay bail wall to prevent mud from running into neighbor's homes during the upcoming storm. now, on tuesday a city pipeline installed in the 1930s burst sending nearly 98,000 gallons of water down the hill. neighbors were left trudging through three feet of mud and now this woman is worried about the impact the weekend rain may have. >> the rain might be a heavy rain and there's more mud that will slow down here. >> city crews have been working to build a drainage ditch to divert any of the mud away from homes and they have also been working to control the erosion here but they say still they're going to be out here all weekend to prevent any mud from hitting homes again. reporting live from daly city, marianne favro, nbc bay area
. as marianne rafferty explains.. it's the common ground awwrddfor conflict resolution, negottation and peace buulling. u-s mbassador chris stevens, along itt three in an attack on the u-s consulate in benghazi, libba secretary of state hillary - clinton, says ambassador stevens legacy will forever live onnclinton says: "...chris stevens was an inspiratton to all who served with hii and knew him uring hhs life. he remains an inspiration now and i believe far into the future..." nearly two months sinnc the attaak... officials are still working to improve safeey protocoll.clinton says: "...we now have aaformal &pinvestigating the terrorist attack ttht kklled chris and we ill certainly pply it's recommendattonn ann lessons learned to improving sscurity ambassador stevens' ister she accepted the award onnhis behalf.. allng with stories of his dedicated service... his sistee also revealed some personal etails about er brother...stevens says: "...his engaging personalitt, who many of my girlfriends had crushes on, enabled him to cross the cultural ddvides witt ease. chris en
teachers is charged with sexual abusing a student. marianne favro is live in san jose with the latest for us. marianne, this case is now in the hands of the jury. >> reporter: that's right. the jury received the case late this morning. and so far there is no verdict. but some say regardless of the outcome, this case is going to change the way that local schools handle any reports of abuse. she was a principal here at o.b. whaley elementary school in san jose. now lyn vijayendran shown here in a video off a social website faces six months in jail if a jury finds her of fating to report alleged child abuse. the abuse happened in october of last year. police later arrested craig chandler. he is charged with committing lewd and lascivious acts on five children and is now awaiting trial. this is only the second time in 20 years santa clara prosecutors have gone after a local educator for not reporting suspected abuse. >> her response was not to do anything. she did speak with mr. chandler and she kind of conducted her own investigation and determined that there was nothing to be done. >> r
giovanni's restaurant in mountain view. i'm marianne favro. i'll show howe you how people in the bay area plan to give back this thanksgiving holiday. >>> and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we're tracking a thanksgiving forecast, and clearing out after some wet weather the past 24 hours. and here is some good news. if you're headed to the airport, weather and travel delays pretty much nonexistent at this hour in the bay area. sfo running just 15 minutes behind. we'll have your full forecast forecast in just a few minutes. >>> an east bay man accused of burglarizing the palo alto home of the late steve jobs appeared in court today. 35-year-old kariem mcfarlin of alameda pleaded no contest to a burglary spree that spanned four counties and included the home of the late apple co-founder. he wrote a letter to mrs. jobs telling her he was sorry. >> a letter to mrs. job for taking her things. and he made a statement that if he had known it was mr. jobs' home or her home, that he would have avoided that. at the time he didn't realize that after he took the p
still. pretty much nothing. and that's what happened today. nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us at sfo. marianne, is there a domino effect here? will today's cancellations impact flights tomorrow for people? >> reporter: you're absolutely right, raj. when planes can't get in on time, then they end up leaving later. today about 60 to 90 minutes was the average delay. and the big reason was the wind. because it was coming from the southeast, that forced the airport to actually change its runway configuration. and because of that, it cut in half the number of planes that could land here each hour. now most of the canceled flights were short-haul trips on the west coast to places like los angeles and san diego. 90 flights were canceled because many airlines decided to consolidate flights. >> we were actually supposed to leave at 2:25, and we're not leaving until almost 4:00, and they're having to reroute us through l.a. because we won't be able to catch our flight in dallas to houston. >> reporter: but summer perkins and her husband took it all in stride, spending the extra time sig
, a spiritual pioneer and frankly, a hero to women around the world. i cannot wait to welcome marianne williamson into our san francisco studio. you're definitely going to want to stick around for that. it is a great show. we're off and running and we'll be right back. (vo) brought to you by courtyard. rich, chewy caramel rolled up in smooth milk chocolate. don't forget about that payroll meeting. rolo.get your smooth on. also in minis. [ piano plays ] troy polamalu's going deeper. ♪ ♪ and so is head & shoulders deep clean. [ male announcer ] with 7 benefits it goes deep to remove grease, gunk and flakes. deep. like me. [ male announcer ] head & shoulders deep clean for men. ♪ ♪ >> jennifer: you are back inside "the war room." i'm jennifer granholm. so with the election in his rear-view mirror, president obama is starting to focus on his top goals for his second term. his cabinet and his white house staff are going to be the people who help to shape that agenda. we all know that several members of the administration includi
wait to welcome marianne williamson into our san francisco studio. you're definitely going to want to stick around f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f (vo) brought to you by courtyard. (vo) answer in a moment. (vo) brought to you by courtyard. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone is ready with the know-how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at devry.edu/knowhow. ♪ ♪ >> jennifer: you are back inside "the war room." i'm jennifer granholm. so with the election in his rear-view mirror, president obama is starting to focus on his top goals for his second term. his cabinet and his white house staff are going to be the people who help to shape that agenda. we all know that several members of the administration including the secretary of state, hillar
in the states that they say is pretty consistent with an obama win. >> you know what struck me, marianne as being very strange today seeing president obama go up to wisconsin. a state ordinarily would be a slam dunk for him. spending time there. in the last days of his campaigning. the majority isn't there because as kirsten pointed out it's internal polling. he figured he had to go up there. that's sending a signal to me. i don't know if he is going to carry -- if mitt romney can carry wisconsin. but i, you know, if one only one upset mitt romney is the next president. no margin of error, right? >> that's right. can you say the same thing about rom anymore. mitt romney was in florida. even if he loses florida. pinned in florida which he cannot win the presidency without. wisconsin, iowa and new hampshire, one thing no one has mentioned, same day registration. barackbarack obama's campaign ny better than doing same day registration. nobody getting better to the polls like they did with early registration. same thing tomorrow big difference. >> bill: i agree with you in new hampshire. it
ahead at 6:00, we'll tell you about the so-called fat blocking soda. >>> i'm marianne favro. could having the flu or fever during pregnancy put your child at greater risk of developing autism? i'll take a closer look at the newest research coming up. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri live in san francisco helping to kick off the annual safeway holiday food drive. we'll tell you how you can help, plus we'll talk with this young man and how he raised a lot of money to help those in need and the executive director of the food bank in just a few minutes. >>> one of the most notable landmarks is getting a makeover. this makeover is not about change. it's all about preservation. historic art deco look won't change but the building will be repaired and damage to its famed murals will be fixed. how about that? the tower builder descendent dropped in. the daughter of one of the muralists was interviewed in front of her younger self recalling how her father painted her into that mural. >> was course it was an extraordinary time in san francisco, involved in a general strike, that they w
to bring in nonon onworkers to fill those shifts. reporting live in los gatos, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, marianne. >>> switching to the forecast now, the slow moving halloween storm brought with it some impressive rainfall totals. we have more changes on the way. jeff ranieri is in the nbc bay area weather center with more. >> it was moving at about 15 to 20 miles an hour. you could have rode a bike from the north bay to the south bay quicker than this storm system. let's get a look at the radar now. you can see the storm is pushing off to the south and east. and right now, no raindrops on the doppler radar as it scans around. how about that rain. one of the highest totals in san francisco with 1 3/10. we still picked up 16/100. this puts san francisco well above average this time of year. that is a huge contrast from what we had last year. here we go again with the extreme weather. that storm moves out. here comes high pressure. this will produce some 70s and 80s in the seven-day forecast. and potentially record setting heat. we'll detail all of this for you coming up.
, contraception and the connection to the world economy. behind the headlines -- marianne williamson on changing the way women talk about politics. >>> hello, i'm bonnie erbe. welcome to "to the contrary," a discussion of news and social trends from diverse perspectives. up first, women make waves in congress. flanked by the democratic women of the upcoming 113th congress, nancy pelosi ended speculation that she might step down as house minority leader. >> in order to continue to work on empowering women, to making sure our affordable care act is enforced in a way that no longer being a woman be a preexisting medical condition. [ applause ] to work with the president to create jobs and grow our economy in a way that empowers women in the workplace. and i have made a decision to submit my name to my colleagues to, once again, serve as the house democratic leader. [ cheers and applause ] >> a record number of women were just elected, many of them democrats. the house now has 78 female members, 50 democrats, 28 republicans. they came to washington for orientation and to get ready for the upcoming s
comment. i have one speaker card, marianne hoyt, yeah. >>> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is marianne hory. my family has lived in golden gate apartments for about 30 years. golden gate apartment is an affordable housing complex owned by chinatown community development center. i'm here to ask the planning commission to decline the request by rooster tail restaurant at 1963 sutter street to add an outdoor activity area for 18 restaurant patron use which is open every day from 11:30 a.m. in the morning until 10:00 p.m. at night in the japantown special use district. the outdoor area faces approximately 60 bedrooms in the interior courtyard area and currently there is no written provision for an acoustic mechanism to contain the noise from the restaurant. the outdoor patio is simply surrounded by a six-foot six-inch fence. the trees and shrubbery do not mitigate surrounding neighborhood noise. thank you very much for your consideration in this quality of life matter. >> thank you. i'm going to interrupt public comment just for a second. commissioner wu. >> although i serve on
there be a link between fever and flu during pregnancy and autism? i'm marianne favro. i'll break down the latest research, coming up. >>> and some sex accusations hit "sesame street." why the voice behind elmo might be looking for a new job tonight. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri live in san francisco where we're helping to kick off our annual holiday food drive at over 160 safeway stores. we're making it easier than ever. how you can help your neighbors in need. coming up, that plus a seven-day forecast that has plenty of rain in it just minutes away. >>> back to the bargaining table in the hopes of settling a food fight. union reps for striking grocery workers at raley's and nob hill markets met with her employers today. both sides are at odds over wages and benefits. the supermarket chain says it needs to eliminate certain health care benefits to compete in the marketplace. but workers say they cannot afford to go without these health care benefits that raley wants to take off the table. there are about 40 stores in the bay area affected by this strike. the union says the picket lines
virus. marianne favro joins us to tell us why doctors are alarmed. >> reporter: they're concerned because they're seeing rsv much earlier than they expected. and they think that that may be a sign of a rough winter season. if you or i get the virus, we may feel like we have a cold. but in babies, it's much more serious. pediatricians throughout the bay area are sending more babies here to the hospital to help them fight respiratory virus, or rsv. the virus affects the lungs and breathing passages, and hits premature babies the hardest. thinking causes a small infant to wheeze and have a lot of respiratory distress. because their air ways are so much smaller, when they get inflammation, they have a harder time. and they end up at a much higher rate of hospitalizations than the bigger kids. >> reporter: once this the hospital, young patients often receive ax general and nutrition through an iv line. doctor says rsv can be deadly in patients with congenital heart and lung problems. >> we in our practice have hospitalized two infants, normal full-term babies with rsv this win it. that
them to clean up their penalty properties. nbc bay area's marianne favro is off the almaden expressway with a look at how the program is working. marianne? >> reporter: well, this is called the via monte hoffman area, home to 130 apartment complexes. and this is one of the neighborhoods that the new initiative is targeting. they're going directly to the landlords to try to get them to fix things like the broken window you see here. a broken down rv, ripped apart and left for months. garbage overflowing, exposed wires. these are just some of the problems you'll find in the via monte hoffman neighborhood of san jose. nubia ramirez is a landlord who owns several units here. she is tired of other landlords ignoring the blight. >> if the neighboring properties are not kept up, then it's a problem, you know. the whole neighborhood goes down. >> reporter: so she turned to the newly formed responsible landlord engagement initiative for help. united neighborhoods of santa clara county and the neighborhood housing services of silicon valley are working together to get landlords to address proble
to feed 1,200 people here in mountain view. i'm marianne favro. coming up, i'll show you how people in the bay area plan to give back this thanksgiving holiday. >>> turkey trouble. people say wild turkeys are getting more aggressive and more prevalent. what do you do if you find them in your yard? kris sanchez went out in search of those turkeys today. they're always pecking at my car at my house. what is the solution for that, kris? >> reporter: you never find them exactly when you need them. we went looking for them today. it's like they gnaw something was going on tomorrow, right? we wanted to know whether the turkeys on our front paths, jogging trails are legal to hunt. the answer is yes. you just have to know where. wild turkeys by the dozen, they must feel the heat of thanksgiving approaching because while they were here they were nowhere to be seen at their other haunts like this neighborhood along the foothills or this business park along highway 101 south. but we know they like bay area neighborhoods like this one in martinez we got on video in october. >> they tend to adap
. marianne jones for allowing me to bring creativity and thoughts outside of the box into the work that i do. and lastly, i would like to dedicate this award to the youth that i serve and also my team stacy, sierra and anita, because without them i wouldn't be here to accept this honor. thank you. (applause) (applause) >> our final commendation today will be provided by our district 8 colleague, supervisor scott wiener. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman. -- mr. president. today i am thrilled to be honor sergeant kelly dunn from the police department who has been patiently waiting. sergeant. [speaker not understood] appointee to the mental health board where she provides invaluable insight. prior to becoming a police officer about a little more than a decade ago, kelly already had a long history of working in the mental health field. she worked at the mobile crisis treatment teams in both san francisco and oakland, [speaker not understood] psychiatric institute at ucsf, at the time substance abuse treatment center and mount scion crisis clinic. she also previously worked at malcolm state h
four or five hours continuing to search for evidence. reporting live in south san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, marianne. >>> police are investigating several incidents around san jose where people stole cars, then smashed them into garages. this may be the latest incident at this san jose home. it happened just after 5:00 this morning. no one was hurt. the fire department was called out to shut off the gas as a precaution. the people in the car fled the scene. >>> our latest storm continues to move through the bay area throughout the day, bringing everything from thunderstorms to snow right here in town. as for the weekend, more changes are in store. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, who is tracking the storm and the latest. jeff? >> yeah, it's been a while, the past 24 hours for parts of the bay area that didn't even have hail that covered entire lawns in some case. what you're going to find is our cold storm system is moving off to the south. a lot of that severe weather also pushing off to the south at this point. even a reported tornado dow
into applause. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> okay, marianne, thank you. >>> it is not over. in fact, this story is intensifying. san jose police looking for a suspect that went on a crime spree on friday night. tonight the reward money has increased, and we have new details about the wanted man. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is at the scene where that deadly -- where that crime turned deadly. kris? >> reporter: hi there, raj. san jose police on friday night had six different crime scenes within just 90 minutes. one suspect is behind bars, but this is where armed robbery turned into homicide. the other suspect still on the loose tonight. and now 20 grand on the table for anyone who leads police to a man they say was very close to being a cop killer. a collection of things that remind rory parkpettiford's friends of him are collecting near where he was killed, randomly, senselessly by two suspects on a violent crime spree on friday night in san jose. >> it just sucks, like, you know, seeing this and having him just be gone. and i can't call him to see what is good and just chill. i don'
at a school in san jose. nbc bay area's marianne favro has been following the story and joins us live from the st. francis cabrini school with the developments. >> reporter: the pastor here at st. francis cabrini church has resigned. we now mow more about the letter from the diocese of san jose that enabled a registered sex offender to volunteer here near kids. this is the letter signed by human resources employee at the diocese of san jose that authorized mark gurries, a registered sex offender to volunteer at st. francis cabrini and parish. and that's what he did that parents say hundreds of kids attended. they blame the letter that allowed him to volunteer. >> it's a statute that we do not agree with. what you have is a registered sex offender that was on school grounds. however, it is in the penal code, it is in the books that if you have permission from a school official, you can be on grounds. >> reporter: the diocese says a former human resources employee wrote the letter in november 2010, just six months after he was sentenced for molesting a child under 14. but the diocese wouldn'
alto, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> our hearts go out to that family. thanks, marianne. >>> tense moments on the san francisco bay this afternoon. the people on board the yacht you see there called 911 when the boat started taking on water near the berkeley pier. apparently the trouble started when the boat's engine got caught in reverse. the coast guard, harbor master and several department responded and several boaters stepped in to help as well. the boat was towed into the marina. none of the seven people on board was hurt. a dog, cat, and snake were also rescued. >>> a san jose fire captain is recovering tonight after a ceiling collapsed on top of him as he was fighting a fire. the fire broke out around 8:30 last night at the kimberly woods complex on willow leaf drive. the flames raced through six apartments. at one point, while the fire captain was inside a stairwell, a waterlogged ceiling broke loose and fell. >> i was injured by a piece of large sheetrock, ceiling that apparently had fallen in when he was in the stairwell. so it had fallen from a considerable he
island resident who joins usn the phone. marianne, how are things going? >> things are not any better, neil. still the same in staten island. we were abandoned yesterday. with that nor'easter came in, fema closes their doors due to weather conditions. over a week since the storm. neil: what is the relief center supposed to do? >> are you talking about fema? neil: the fema center. >> it gives people in staten island to go there and talk to representatives and people. there is a gn on the door that says that fema is close to the weatherford really? that's what they're telling people? these are people that don't have any homes, electricity or lights and no ple to go. they are put out of their houses. and then they go to a fema center and they are closed due to the weather. it's a disgraceand i think that fema slacked off yesterday and today. i think that people all over the world deserve better than that. neil: if fema has been affected by the weather, and they are supposed to be the weather resource center that whether the weather, that is an unending the mandate issued a statement toda
they won't soon forget. the special delivery involving oakland police officers. >>> i'm marianne favro. doctors say they're seeing a respiratory virus hit earlier than expected. coming up, find out who's most at risk and why this may give us an indication when another major virus will hit. >>> and good evening, i'm jeff ranieri live at safeway in san jose. we're all about our annual holiday food drive and branham high is all about a new kind of beat tonight and it has something to do with this. >> we've got the beat, that mighty campaign beat. help us out and donate. help us out. we've got the beat, that mighty giving beat. it goes help us out and donate, help us out. we've got the beat -- >>> never a dull day for oakland police. today three officers reunited with the baby boy they helped deliver last week. officers formerly met 4-day-old nolan miller. his name pays tribute to the neighborhood where he was born and his middle name, shell, is a tribute to exactly where he was born, at a shell nation. nolan's dad waved down the officers at that gas station when mom went into labor a litt
that is not enough by our count to win it all, our panel is back with us and marianne, the -- i can't find --. >> you can't. you look at what's left in the evening and though we still have questions about florida out there and virginia,. >> this is a fox news election alert. the president has just within reelected as president of the united states. the decision has just come from the decision desk. the president has just won re- election, this is -- a fox news alert. i'm not sure sure what the last state was to put him over. i think it is that the decision team said there is no more path. iowa and oregon put him over the top. this is victory head quarters in chicago for the president at 16 minutes past ten in chicago. let's listen. ♪ [ music ] [cheering] [applause] . >>> there it is. a second term for obama. republican romney after all these years of campaigning, after billions of dollars spent, after thousands of thousands and thousands of miles traveled, the money and the time and the effort were not enough and obama is reelected. our panel is back with us again tonight. ed is here f
. >>> marianne. >> to work with the building and i guess they probably must have translation services there. maybe there is a notice of some sort can go to everyone so they can be aware. >> thank you very much. >> commissioner sugaya. >> yes, i have a question for project sponsor. the west side in the photograph that we have in front of us shows that there is no fence. can you explain that, please? >> >>> it's mainly because the vines haven't grown to that side yet. it is sort of an organic thing. >> i was talking about this side. >>> yes, is there a way to switch back to this? yes, that's it, that's the one, and there it is. no,ing we haven't planted anything at this stage. >> i was wondering why isn't it enclosed. >> oh, it will be enclosed. * >>> that was actually right after scrubtionthv. construction. and when the restaurant first opened. we're planning at that area to place planters so that no one can walk. because if you continue up the west side, you're actually in the interstitial area between the wings of the two buildings. we definitely don't want customers going out there. and w
in south san jose, maryanne favro. >> thank you, marianne. we see some of the investigators right there behind marianne in the house. and to put it in perspective here. three years ago. when san jose was one of the safest in the country. there were 1400 officers full time. today the staffs have been reduced by 25%. it was an unusually active day for san jose police. several incidents around town where people were stealing cars and then, smashing them in the garages now. we heard, in the story, the officers addressing one of these crashes. this one at about 5:00 a.m. in san jose. people in the car, fled the scene. >> well, tense moments in the east bay. after a car chase, that ended in a crash. investigators say, sheriff's deputies were trying to pull some one over for reckless driving in castro valley. at the intersection of norbridge avenue. the pole came crashing down on top of another car. the driver of the car suffered minor injuries. as for the man suspected of drivingissen -- he is in custody. the grinch is stealing signs from a christmas tree farm. >>> well, jessica, hon n
think he's eyeing? we are back in 2 minutes. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. president obama plans to visit new york city to review the recovery efforts efforts from sr storm sandy. he is expected to meet with local officials and families affected by the storm. more than 400,000 customers are still without power in new york and new jersey. the storm, which hit the region on october 29, is blamed for at least 100 deaths. chrysler recalling nearly 1 million jeeps worldwide due to an airbag problem, for grand cherokee and liberty models in the u.s. federal investigators saying a bad part can inadvertently set off the airbags. it has caused dozens of injuries, but no crashes. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "on the record." for your latest headline, log on to foxnews.com. back to record r. >> cia director, petraeus abruptly resigned, for personal reasons, cheating on his wife. but the timing is raising eyebrows. in days he is supposed to go to capitol hill to testify on benghazi. joining me is bob cusack and steve hayez and byron york. byron... go ahe
in the midst of hundreds of students? turns out, there's a loophole which police powerless to close. marianne favro is live in san jose. it's not sitting well with parents. >> reporter: no it really is not, jessica. the registered sex offender was volunteering here at this parish last month during a church festival. parents tell me there were hundreds of kids at that festival. when deputies questioned him, he produced a letter from the church that gave him authorization to be here at the school. tonight, both sheriff's deputies and the diocese are investigating that letter. >> the controversy centers over whether this man is a registered sex offender convicted of child molestation should have been volunteering in san jose at a pair irn. a parent alerted a sheriff's deputy working security that he was a sex offender. >> our deputy made contact with the man who was cooperative throughout the incident. made contact with mr. gear i. he did acknowledge that he was a sex registrant. our deputy confirmed it through dispatch. however, mr. gear i provided information that he had permission to be on sc
-- routinely send press releases. back in 2. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. congressional leaders voicing optsimism about a disebt deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. after a closed-door meeting, house speaker john boehner said, quote, i believe we can do this. nancy pelosi said we understand our responsibility. if they fail to act, the bush tax cuts would end on january 1. that's the same day sharp cuts to government spending take effect. economists fear the combination could send the country back into a recession. a train that slammed into a parade float, carrying wounded veterans was moving slower that the posted speed limit. safety officials in texas say it was going 62 in a 70-mile-per-hour zone and the train applied its emergency brakes before crashing into the trailer. the accident killed four veterans and injured 16 other people. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "on the record." >> greta: harry reid telling senate republican leaders, no, rejecting a request for a watergate-style select committee to investigate the benghazi attack. earlier, jo
next month. marianne joins us with the latest on the search. >> reporter: in just a few minutes at 6:30 you can come to the community center and voice your opinion about ha type of qualities you would like to see in the new san jose police chief. it's the first of several throughout the city. >> san jose's new top cop will grapple with rising crime, shrinking budgets and declining moral. that's just the beginning. the last four police chiefs have all come from within the department. some say it's time to try a new approach. >> the problems need to be solved by an outsider who will take a fresh look at the way business is done in san jose. >> kenneth kelly, a former board member of san jose crime stoppers hopes the new police chief will commit to staying on the job at least five years. >> we need to hire a police chief who really understands diversity. who really gets the notion. this is an incredibly diverse town. they need to relate to people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. >>> others agree working closely with the community will be critical to the chief's success. >> we're
people fight lousy landlords. >> marianne favro shows us how it's working in this story. >> reporter: this is 130 apartment complexes packed into a few acres. and this is what you'll find here, a broken down rv, ripped apart and left for months, garbage piling high, exposed wires. this is landlord owns several units here. she's tired of other landlords ignoring the blithe. >> graffiti, overflowing dumpster, and you know, trash all over. >> so she turned to the responsible landlords engagement initiative for help. the neighborhood housing services of silicon valley working together to address problems brought to them by both ten nantds and other landlords. they start by contacting the landlords directly, and if that doesn't work -- >> the first thing we attempt to do is set up a meeting with the council member that represents that district in san jose. and bring o bring that council member to a meeting along with the san jose police department, representative from the fire department. >> the initiative has been actively following up on complains since january. we want to do our part t
, and low-cost printing. governor romney, just 60 seconds. first the new york newsroom where marianne rafferty is standing by with the other headlines. >> four days after superstorm sandy the u.s. death toll climbing past 110 states. many neighborhoods still littered with downed wires and trees. more than 3.8 million power customers still in the dark. shuttle prototype enterprise suffered some damage in new york city. it weathered the storm at the sea air and space museum. >>> federal regulators busing hundred tay and kia for overstating the gas mileage on a million vehicles is sold in the u.s. the south korean automaker is inflating fuel economy estimates by as much as 6 miles per gallon. the two companies saying they will pay affected car owners for the difference in mileage. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "on the record." >> greta: wisconsin is in play and governor scott walker insisting the romney ryan ticket will benefit from the governor's groundwork during his recall election. >> you take all of the work that was done early this year when we made four and a half million vo
stores, where queen mattresses start at just $699. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. tensions flaring in the middle-east as israeli aircraft are targeting military pragzs in the gaza strip. prime minister netanyahu is promising a three-hour cease-fire, while the egyptian prime minister visits gaza. but he says tell only last as long as his country does not come under attack. so far, three israelis and 19 palestinian have die in the fighting. b.p. agreeing to a hefty fine and criminal charms for the 2010 gulf oil spill. they will pay the u.s. government, a record-setting $4.5 bill whereon and plead guilt tow criminal charges for the deaths of 11 rig workers and for lying about how much oil was spilling into the gulf. three former b.p. executives also indicted, two of them for manslaughter am i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "on the record." >> greta: okay, listen to this one. democratic senator 58 murray will seek the job of senate budget committee chair. but get this -- she can be the commit to dog a budget. she wants the title, but does he want to do the
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